04 July 2013

A new alliance to lobby for social economy

Photo by Patrick Lauke (CC Rights)

The general election campaign for 2015 is going to start soon in September and it is bringing along an opportunity for a change in how business is done. Many generations of politicians have fought over public service, economic recipes and state education, while the worsening economic situation has led toward a fatalistic attitude toward the future. In fact, there have been many years’ worth of headlines about tax-dodging companies, casino bankers, spectacular delivery failure on public service contracts, and relentless price rises for water, energy and transport driving more citizens into poverty.

This is the reason that drove fifteen large social enterprise to join their forces into Social Economy Alliance, with the purpose to avoid that the political debate will be dominated by people who want to stimulate demand for luxury goods with heavy social and environmental costs; concentrate public wealth in the hands of shareholders; or pump money into a handful of banks.

This alliance is getting attention from many directions and a leading university has also joined it. This qualified partnership is surely going to have all the characteristics needed to reverse the fatalism emerging in the big debate about the economy, while making sure that the real value of social businesses is understood and embraced by all political parties.