Marco Benini
13 May 2013

Results and Impacts

Innovation Network (Photo by Tedeytan, CC rights)

The results will comprise:


(1) detailed suggestions on how to use the Structural Funds to ensure a support environment for social enterprises, targeted at ESF MAs but also at policy-makers responsible for the social economy;


(2) support analysis by a matrix of good practice examples spread across Member States, showing how different aspects of a comprehensive support environment for social enterprises can be implemented under various economic, social and institutional circumstances. Examples might include stakeholder involvement, co-planning tools, outreach to disadvantaged communities, the bridge from welfare dependence, training and coaching, microfinance, public procurement, measuring social added value and social franchising.

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The combination of the examination of good practice, the formulation of recommendations for a comprehensive support environment and the partnership-building process will enable ESF Managing Authorities to develop more effective operational programmes and will enable social economy organisations to make a larger contribution to the realisation of their objectives.


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