Marco Benini
20 June 2013





Location: Götgatan 74, Stockholm (Sweden)




Reference Person: Bosse Olsson, Eva Carlsson


Background: Tillväxtverket, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, is a national authority which comes under the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, which works proactively for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.



  • Support initiatives that aid the development of business concepts,
  • Facilitate the innovation in private and public organizations,
  • Foster the sustainable growth and development in the country.



  • Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications;
  • Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency;
  • Existing enterprises and start-up firms;
  • Institutional organizations and sustainability-related institutes.



  • Management of projects in cooperation and sustainability fields;
  • Management of projects for gender equality and social economy;
  • Release of periodical calls and consequent grants to cooperative agencies;
  • Surveying and collection of data on social economy in Sweden;
  • Running of website for online services and information for start-ups.


Skills/Fields of Expertise

  • Social Economy surveying and promotion, in particular in Sweden;
  • Management of financial instrument, call for proposals and grant awarding;
  • Project management in social economy, entrepreneurship and cooperation;