Marco Benini
19 June 2013

A Greek movie on Social Economy

Protests in Syntagma square (Photo by SpirosK Photography, CC rights)

The current crisis in Greece, the need for different and effective solutions to turn the tide of economic recession, has pushed Sofia Papachristou - lawyer, scenographer and director - to shoot a documentary on Social Economy. In the film, there is a serie of successful small and medium sized enterprises across Europe, all brought together on three core principles: collaboration, solidarity and trasparency.

The documentary has been funded by Heinrich Boll Institute in Greece and the European Green Party. Its purpose is to analyze the situation of Greek economy and to propose path of growth for different sustainable models, learning from European best examples in social entrepreneurship. Cooperative banking and decentrated power production are the most interesting sector that can be applied to Greece - states Papachristou in an interview - and in Europe there are many best practices to learn from.

The success stories have been gathered in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria and Italy, although some parts have been shot in Greece too. The documentary has been first presented at European Union Commission and then in Athens, with a good reception by the public.