18 June 2013

New Social Economy Vol.4 issued by European Commission

Photo by user (CC Rights)

The Social Europe guide is a bi-annual publication of European Commission, aimed at providing an interested but not necessarily specialised audience with a concise overview of specific areas of EU policy in the field of employment, social affairs and inclusion. It illustrates the key issues and challenges, explains policy actions and instruments at EU level and provides examples of best practices from EU Member States.

Social economy emerges from it as a good way to fight all the European issues and pursue a convergence of the society toward a sustainable and inclusive path for the economy. The traditional legal forms like associations, cooperatives and foundations, are still maintaining a good and growing level of diffusion. Nonetheless, the new economic trends are leading to new social entrepreneurial forms such as the social enterprise.

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These businesses are clearly an expression of the growing awareness of entrepreneurs, individuals and action groups, and they have the potential to place themselves as competitive social services providers on the market. In addition, it illustrates trends towards greater social responsibility among citizens/consumers, for-profit companies and financial institutions. Finally it reviews ways in which European and national policies support the social economy and social enterprise. The guide is available in printed format in English, French and German.