18 June 2013

A new map of italian social entrepreneurship by Iris Network

Photo by Matteo Ianeselli (CC Rights)

After two years from the first edition, Iris Network – the Italian network of the research on social enterprises – published the second report on social enterprise. The report, written by Paolo Venturi and Flaviano Zandonai, traces a map of emerging and consolidated experiences, while defining a general case of social innovation bound in Italian productive and institutional system.

In Italy, there are 12.577 social enterprises, standing to the report data, although only 365 of these has registered as “impresa sociale”. There are also 404 organizations that have “impresa sociale” as part of their company name and 11.808 social cooperatives, registered in compliance with Italian law. The survey also puts in evidence the characteristics of Italian social entrepreneurs and which sectors they are more dealing with. Moreover, it gives a picture of the promising innovation level of these enterprises.

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In conclusion, there is a quite articulated scenario emerging from the analysis. There is a large potential for improving the overall Italian economy that could be released with the right policies. In this sense, the recent Social Business Initiative represents a clear opportunity to widen the diffusion of social economy in the country, while contributing to its renovation.