18 June 2013

The impact of EU funds in developing social economy

Photo by JohnM (CC Rights)

The development of social economy is catching the attention of Czech students. Recently, it has been issued a thesis written by Arjola Rama, a student of the Anglo-American University, School of Business Administration, which delves in the EU funds spending on development of Czech Republic social economy.

The paper aims to give an overview on the main EU countries strategies to foster Social Economy and how they can be applied in her country. Since the society is facing many challenges concerning the environment and economy, and the efforts of the governments have proven to be insufficient, the author states that it is important to foster the motivation of individuals who are eager to make changes on the way we think and behave.

Social entrepreneurs are people who have the talent, skill and vision to solve the problems lying ahead, while trying to improve people's quality life as well. The social economy is a sector which makes possible the combination of profitability with social inclusion and democratic system of governance. Definitely, the thesis strives to prove that Social Economy development would be beneficial for addressing social inequalities and economic growth issues at the same time, thus defining a path to development.

The document can be viewed here