Łukasz Komuda
06 April 2017

Web meeting (10 March 2017): next conference and two peer reviews

The main subject of the meeting was to discuss the upcoming regional conference in Slovenia and the organisation of two peer reviews by two Managing Authorities: the Czech Republic and Spain.
MAs: Karel Vanderpoorten (BEnl), Anna Kuflikowska (PL), Karolina Babič (SI), Tadej Slapnik (SI). Jelle Debaenst (BEnl), Rosalba La Grotteria (IT), Petra Francova (CZ), Anna-Lena Wettergren Wessman (SE), Vassiliki Staiko (EL), Linda Marsikova (CZ), Ragnar Andersson (SE), Nena Dokuzov (SI),  Carlos Lozano (ES),
Stakeholders: Dana Verbal (DG EMPL), Erdmuthe Klaer (REVES)
AEIDL: Dorotea Daniele (Thematic Expert), Aleksandra Kowalska, Nicolas Oliveri
1. Peer review in Czech Republic
It is planned to take place on 8th and 9th June. The topic will be about the involvement of municipalities in the system of Social Economy. Petra Francova will be the peer review expert. Linda will soon send a presentation about the content of the peer review. She also requested for help to identify cases to showcase, i.e. Slovakia, Italy (Social Cooperatives) and possibly a third one, which can address any topic but not social services. Dana Verbal suggested DG EMPL can give some OECD examples.
All logistical aspects about the meeting in Prague will be sent shortly.
Scoping paper is avaible to download here.
2. Conference in Slovenia
Nena Dokuzov debriefed about the conference in Slovenia taking place on 24-25 April 2017. It will have a regional focus in South Eastern Europe countries.  Legislation and core elements of Social Economy will be presented. This Regional Conference will include a session about Social Enterprises dealing with migrants.
All participants in this web meeting agreed it would be a good idea to participate as a TN Network. Poland, Belgium and Greece confirmed they’d be able to participate. Sweden would potentially participate although their experience in this field is rather limited. Carlos Lozano (ES) added his colleague is absent and he himself would need to confirm participation at a later stage. Dorotea explained about the possibility to explore more about this migrants perspective from DIESIS.
Information about this event is avaible here.
3. Peer review in Spain
Carlos Lozano from CEPES explained their planning to host a peer review in Madrid, Spain, potentially between 15th October and 15th November.  The main subject of this peer review will be about opportunities for social economy in new sectors and digitalisation, including opportunities and challenges regarding ESF implementation. There are some meetings scheduled with the Spanish Ministry of Employment who would be keen on exploring the opportunities of this TN.
Carlos agreed to circulate a document explaining more details about this peer review.
BE (nl) added innovational components were included on their transnational call so they will be definitely interested in actively participating in this in event in Spain.
4. Dorotea Daniele mentioned that DGGROW is going to publish soon a call for tender on Promoting social considerations into public procurement procedures for social enterprises. The call will aim at setting up training and awareness raising events for contracting authorities in MSs in order to make them aware of the different opportunities at stake by using social clauses. Since the topic is among the priorities of SETN, Dorotea Daniele proposes SETN Members to participate in a common bid. Concrete modalities will be decided when the call is published.
Fot. Center for Scientific Review, źr. Wikimedia, lic. C0