Łukasz Komuda
16 August 2016

Employees in charge

fot. NY, lic. CC-BY-SA 3.0

As announced in Warsaw during the recent conference, next activity of SE Thematic Network was an on-line seminar on Workers Buy Out. Webinar took place on July 11th and used the WebEx conference tool.
The Webinar programme consisted:

  • an introduction with short presentation prepared by Dorotea Daniele (SE thematic expert, DIESIS),
  • presentation "The European Commission policy and actions on WBO and transfer of enteprises" featued by Apostolos Ioakimidis (EU expert),
  • presentation "WBO and cooperatives - good practices and models in Europe" featured by Bruno Roelants (Secretary General of CECOP) ,
  • presentation "WBO in Spain: the experience of SAL" featured by Jone Nolte (legal expert of ASLE),
  • summing up done by Dorotea Daniele.

Each presentation was followed by Q&A session.
The seminar was recorded and it is available here on WebEx to people with a WebEx account.
Short report (the minutes) on the Webinar is ready to download here.