Krzysztof Cibor
24 June 2015

Social Entrepreneurship Network - final publication

Social enterprises apply business methods to address social issues and are attracting a lot of interest from policy-makers. They are also a priority for the EU’s Structural Funds.
Read the final publication of the project Social Entrepreneurship Network!
This booklet is designed to help public authorities to design a comprehensive support ecosystem for social enterprises.
After introducing what social enterprises are, the booklet sets out the European policy framework and delineates the shape such an ecosystem should take.
It presents the results of SEN’s work during 2013 and 2104, when it carried out in-depth peer reviews of 18 initiatives, operating at local, regional national levels in 9 countries. They fall into five clusters:

  • public sector capacity – strategic partnership, governance and policy co-ordination
  • identity and visibility
  • support infrastructure
  • growth and development
  • finance

These are backed up by hints for implementation in the 2014-20 programming period.