Toby Johnson
12 January 2015

Logical framework

Logical framework

SEN established a logical framework which sets out its intervention logic.



Indicators & evidence

Assumptions & risks

Critical success factors

Overall objective

Social enterprises play a full role in meeting Structural Fund objectives



Project purpose

Structural Fund Managing Authorities know about, under­stand and can apply in 2014-20 a set of options for a compre­hensive support environment for social enterprises


Political sphere is supportive

OPs have space for SE projects



1. Shared understanding of the necessary components of a comprehensive support environ­ment for SEs

Summary report

Closing conference

SF programmers are aware

SE bodies are supportive

2. MAs and federal bodies organising social enterprise have a shared understanding and work in partnership

Presence of SE bodies in SEN partnership

Participation of SE bodies in SEN events


Agreed peer review method

Peer review documentation

Policy recommendations

Clickable matrix of good practice examples




1.1 Training in peer review method

1.2 Peer reviews of good practice

1.3 Dissemination of results

1.4 Promotion of follow-up networking

2.1 Kick-off meeting to allow all actors to understand each other’s aims, capacities & constraints


1.1 Trainee evaluation

1.2 Participant evaluation

1.3 Closing event

1.4 Follow-up network is discussed

2.1 Clarity & relevance of work programme contents

Partners contribute examples of GP

Lessons are transferable