Toby Johnson
12 December 2014

Poland’s huge development programme - KPRES

SEN’s Cyprus peer review in October  heard good news on the development of Structural Fund operational programmes for the coming seven years. Poland’s unique, complex and huge KPRES was adopted in August, with a budget of 2.7 billion zlotys (€684m) over 7 years. It has five priorities:
 I.         Social economy in socially responsible territories
 II.        Regulation
 III.       Support system for the social economy
 IV.       Inclusion of the social economy in mainstream public policy nationally and regionally
 V.        Education
It is to include a national committee for social economy development, regional support services, a new legal act to make social enterprises more recognisable, and a tool to monitor the sector’s performance. 42% of the budget (1.16 bn zl - €290m) is allocated to priority III.1, grants for jobs created in social enterprises. The target is to create 13,300 jobs (five per year in each of the country's 380 counties (powiats), at a cost of €22,000 per job.
Meanwhile in the Czech Republic, the ESF OP envisages €20m of support at national level, though ERDF plans are not yet finalised. Support for ambassadors and education as well as financial instruments are planned. Outside the Structural Funds, there is interest in supporting social agriculture.