07 July 2014

Financial Eco-system For Social Entrepreneurship – Final Report

How to finance the sustainable growth of social enterprises by using the public money? This was the main question raised during the Social Entrepreneurship Network meeting in Warsaw (April 2014). What were the answers and how different solutions could be implemented in the different states? See the final report of the seminar, prepared by Karol Sachs (Senior Advisor of the Chairman of Crédit Coopératif and Honorary Chairman of the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative banks – FEBEA) and Bérangère Bertoncello, Innovation and Research Unit member from Crédit Coopératif.
The starting point for the report was the selection of four financial good practices implemented in different EU countries: the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom. Presentations of these good practices were circulated among SEN's members together with the background paper prepared by the experts. The members then prepared their own comment papers, introducing elements from their local contexts and their remarks on the good practices.
See the Final Report (PDF) >