Anna Kucinska
29 April 2014

UK’s leading social enterprise in the social care system, CASA, and its franchising system

Care and Share Associates (CASA) is UK’s leading social enterprise in the social care sector. It currently operates employee owned services across five locations in the UK (Knowsley, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, North Tyneside) and delivers over 13,500 hours of personal support per week, principally commissioned by the public sector.
CASA was established in 2004 to provide essential support services to older and disabled people, through developing a franchise network of majority employee owned social care providers. It is based on the award-winning Sunderland Home Care Associates model which has been delivering quality domiciliary support since 1994.
In the franchising model of CASA the franchise fee is used not only to finance specific services received but also to support the growth and development of the whole CASA franchising network. The value of mutuality is at the heart of the CASA franchising system – growth of the whole CASA network provides security for all individual franchise companies. The licence agreement encourages this growth through maintaining a balance of control between CASA and the Franchise Companies and setting out the specifics of the CASA Franchise Offer.
CASA retains a minority share-holding (normally 26%) of each franchise company it establishes. The purpose of it is to ensure that no major changes can be made to the articles of association of the FC, essentially a ‘blocking share’, to ensure that the franchising company cannot be ‘privatised’.  As far as governance is concerned, CASA takes a place on the board of each franchise company in order to exercise certain control and support.
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