Anna Kucinska
13 March 2014

International conference in Finland - "Social Enterprise Innovation in Services and Creating Ecosystems of Support" in April

The conference's participants will seek to produce practical suggestions on how to boost social enterprise's potential using Finland as a model and to identify an Ecosystem Template for Social Enterprise Success, focusing on such key factors as markets, money, models and measurement.
The conference will be held in Hanasaari, Finland, on 2 April 2014. It is being organised by Social Business International (SBI) in partnership with the Hanasaari Finnish-Swedish Cultural Centre, as a follow-up to the Strasbourg “Empowering Social Entrepreneurs for Innovation, Inclusive Growth and Jobs” Declaration of 17 January 2014.
The event's objective is to boost social enterprise agenda in the context of the EU push on social investment and social enterprise under the Social Business Initiative, including building on the outcomes of the work that took place in Strasbourg, in particular the development of ecosystems of support for social entrepreneurship. This process is also aimed at supporting other member states in developing ecosystems to encourage social enterprise. The delegates will also co-create a Social Enterprise Manifesto to support the writing of the next Finnish Governmental Programme.
The conference, planned for 240 participants from the member states, the EU institutions and other stakeholders, will focus on social enterprise innovation in services and developing social entrepreneurship support ecosystems, especially in Scandinavia and the Baltic states.
For the full list of the speakers and workshops see: