Krzysztof Cibor
22 February 2014

Social Innovation Competition - Semi-Finalists selected

The Connection. Cafe where young migrants could integrate into Austrian society

The 30 Semi-Finalists of the Second European Social Innovation Competition have been selected. Now we may take a look at best ideas get inspired and give support for the best ones.
The Competition, launched by the European Commision in memory of Diogo Vasconcelos, invites Europeans to come up with new solutions to reduce unemployment and minimize its corrosive effects on the economy and our society both now and in the future. Social innovation is not only desirable, it is necessary.
It doesn’t matter if the innovator hasn’t found the right investor for your ideas yet. The competition can help bring a project to life as part of our Social Innovation Academy. The three winning projects will be awarded financial support of EUR 30,000.
Among the best ideas we may find many social entrepreneurship projects or start-ups, tackling with the problems of unemployed youngsters, immigrants, people with disabilities. They often deal with idle assets or resources to generate social value.
Visit the main competition website for further information.