Marco Benini
13 May 2013

Social Entrepreneurship Network

SEN's logical framework

The Social Entrepreneurship Network (SEN) comprises managing authorities of the European Social Fund and social enterprise organisations from nine countries and regions of the European Union. It is devoted to improving the way the EU's Structural Funds are used to promote social enterprise, and conversely to ensuring that social enterprise makes the best possible contribution to the Structural Funds' objectives.

SEN is creating a 'matrix' of guidance on how governments can create a comprehensive support system to encourage social enterprise. To do this, it is assembling and peer reviewing good practices in five clusters of topics:

  1. strategic partnership and governance
  2. growth and development
  3. support infrastructure for start-ups
  4. financial ecosystem
  5. identity, branding & impact measurement

To get the message over to policy-makers, a final conference will be held in Brussels early in 2015. SEN is also contributing to EU Presidency conferences in Iraklion (June 2014) and Rome (November 2014).

Presentation of the network (Iraklion 10-11 June 2014):

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