Toby Johnson
23 January 2014

Finland launches social enterprise network

Finland is starting a social enterprise network, according to Pekka Pättiniemi, chair of the Finnish Social Enterprise Research Network (FinSERN).

The nine founder members, mostly large healthcare and social service organisations, are as follows: Helsinki Deaconess Institute Foundation, Lahti Diacony Foundation, ImpactHouse ry (registered association – social auditing), Recycling Network Ltd, Rinnekoti-Foundation (providing services to municipalities concerning retarded and autistic persons),  Orton Ltd (owned by Invalid Foundation versatile orthopedic health care and rehabilitation services, scientific research and education supply), Somea Ltd (e-learning), Finnish Social Enterprise Research Network ry (FinSERN) and the Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses.

The new network does not currently include the smaller work integration enterprises, which have continued to fight shy of creating a more visible public image ever since the issue of branding was raised at the EQUAL conference in Helsinki in 2007.

It is hoped to register the organisation – Suomen Yhteiskunallisten Yritysten Liitto Ry – later in the year.

By coincidence the Finnish government has just appointed a working group to consider the revision of the 2004 Social Enterprise Act, which established a system of wage subsidies for employers of long-term unemployed and disabled people.

Contact: Pekka Pättiniemi, +358 20 790 9520,

Links to member organizations: