Krzysztof Cibor
16 January 2014

Malmø peer review

Elisabet Abrahamsson and Toby Johnson

Support for growth of social enterprises was the main topic of second peer-review of Social Entrepreneurship Network, which was held on 5-6th December 2013 in Malmø, Sweden.

The facilitator of the event was Elisabet Abrahamsson of the Vägen Ut!. At the begining she told the participants a lot about the succesful story of this consortium of social enterprises, which is now providing about 130 jobs for disadvantaged people in Göteborg. One of the activity is the Le Mat hotel, a social franchise from Italy.

The disussion on the different aspects of the growth was held in six small groups in European Café format.

Cases' authors answer the questions

The participants tackled different ideas on how to support growing social enterprises: franchising, consortia and better acces to public procurement contracts were discussed. One of the biggest issues is - very important for the Network - how this support could be provided within the ESF.

As Toby Johnson stated particularly interesting model came out in the form of the ‘wraparound’ support developed in NW England, where in 3 phases ESF is used to develop a business plan, an ERDF loan fund supports the start-up, and then ESF is brought in again to mentor and monitor its realisation.

The cases from Italy, Belgium, Sweden and the UK are now being reviewed and will be published on our website soon.

On the first day evening participants were invited to the Yalla Trappan Coop, a social enterprise of immigrant women, where they enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Dinner in Yalla Trapan Coop