Krzysztof Cibor
12 September 2013

Trento peer-review (september 2013)

Case studies

During peer-review in Trento we discuss three case studies:

Working group for systemic solutions in social economy.
A Case of Strategic Partnership Between Public and Civic Shareholders in Poland.

Public programs supporting work integration in the Trento province – Intervento 18
Intervento 18 is an active labor market policy co-financed by ESF. Unemployed people from different disadvantage groups find work-training and job in coops.

Public Social Partnership model – Low Moss Prison PSP
The Low Moss Prison Public Social Partnership as a way to reduce re-offending and decent trough-care in Scotland.

Final Report

After peer-review meeting in Trento, a Final Report was written. There are some general remarks and comparative study of the cases in the report (Download a PDF)

Trento peer-review meeting summary

Download a Background Paper for important remarks on the topic in different countries of EU