SEN's logical framework
The Social Entrepreneurship Network (SEN) comprises managing authorities of the European Social Fund and social enterprise organisations from nine countries and regions of the European Union. It is devoted to improving the way the EU's Structural Funds are used to promote social enterprise, and conversely to ensuring that social enterprise makes the best possible contribution to the Structural Funds' objectives. SEN... Read more
List of partners and participants of the Network. The partners comprise ESF Managing Authorities and intermediate bodies from nine EU Member States and regions, together with representative or service organisations from the social economy: - Belgium (BE): ESF Agentschap - Cyprus (CY): ESF Cyprus - Czech Republic (CZ): Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs, P3 - People, Planet, Profit - European Union (EU): DIESIS, R... Read more
Innovation Network (Photo by Tedeytan, CC rights)
The results will comprise:   (1) detailed suggestions on how to use the Structural Funds to ensure a support environment for social enterprises, targeted at ESF MAs but also at policy-makers responsible for the social economy;   (2) support analysis by a matrix of good practice examples spread across Member States, showing how different aspects of a comprehensive support environment for social enterprises can be impl... Read more
The network members
SEN's predecessor, the Better Future of Social Economy (BFSE) Learning Network, achieved positive results by exploring best practices to improve institutional support to social economy. The purpose of BFSE was to achieve a better effectiveness of ESF-funded programmes, along with the diffusion of good practices and promotion of national support in countries where social economy is less developed. You can download t... Read more